Animal agriculture in Turkey®


Turkey is a transcontinental country located mainly on the peninsula of Anatolia in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on East Thrace in Southeast Europe. It was located in between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The coast has an atypical Mediterranean climate, and most of the central part has a temperate continental climate with little rainfall, so it forms a temperate grassland suitable for the development of animal agriculture; the eastern and southern parts of Turkey have a plateau mountain climate with a relatively cold climate and large areas of high mountains. Meadows and grasslands are also suitable for the development of animal agriculture. Turkey's animal agriculture is mainly distributed in the northeastern and central-eastern regions of Anatolia, and is the main production area for cattle and sheep. The Middle East, East Anatolia, and Western Black Sea regions of Anatolia are the main producing areas for buffalo; the West Marumara area, the Aegean Sea area and the East Malumala area are the main poultry producing areas. Statistics in 2019 show that the number of cattle raised in Turkey is 17.6 million; the number of sheep raised is 48.4 million; the number of chickens raised is 342 million, and the overall number of cattle raised is on the rise. Favorable geographical conditions also make animal agriculture one of the important parts for the Turkish economy.


Turkey's agriculture provides 30% of employment opportunities, and the agricultural GDP accounts for about 7-9% of the country's total GDP. At present, Turkey is the seventh largest agricultural country in the world and the third largest leather producer in Europe. Its agricultural output value accounts for about 2.04% of the global agricultural output value, and Turkish agricultural products exports account for 25% of the country’s total exports.

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