Nutrition Facts

Item PleuroCare
moisture content (%) 8.8
ash (%) 6.3
fat (%) 0.7
protein (%) 27
crude fiber(%) 15.1
carbohydrate (%) 57.2
dietary fiber(g/100g) 36.4

Certifying authority:SGS, National Animal Industry Foundation

The global pioneer innovative Mycogenic Feed Additives

Since Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin from fungal species and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1945, he opened the door to antibiotic medicine. But in recent years, the overuse and misuse of antibiotics can harm to people and animals has begun to be aware by the public. Animal farming is also gradually moving towards antibiotic-free farming.

Purecare then focused on investigating natural materials based on the natural diet therapy concept and hope to find a solution which can replace antibiotics. After few years, we found The fungus with potential and further co-innovation with academic institution and finally develop into a Mycogenic Feed Additives product.

PleuroCare® is a completely fungal-derived feed additive. The fungus with potential was cultivated in environmental control system and the harvest was treating with a patented manufacturing process to produce feed additives. Fungal feed additives and herbal additives are completely different types of products. Compared to the herbal feed additives, fungal feed additives have more complete functional activities and more effective.

PleuroCare® inhibits Brachyspira hyodysenteriae

Natural-occurring Pleuromutilin in PleuroCare® can inhibit the growth of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae.

Comparison of PleuroCare® and other products

PleuroCare Other 1 Other 2
Source Fungal Herbal Herbal
Function Reduce diarrhea, reduce dysentery, balance the immune system, improving the gut flora, reduce gastrointestinal tract stress Reduce diarrhea Reduce gastrointestinal tract stress
PleuroCare® has more physiological functions than other products