Efficient poultry production requires the utmost care in management and feedings. The fiber products specially designed and developed by Purecare for poultry have achieved excellent results through actual feeding and offered the basis for a profitable and successful poultry farm. The aim of high-quality fungal fiber products is to the chicken vital and robust, therefore, allowing best performance of your broilers, laying hens or parent stock.

Our fungal-derived fermented fiber additive can improve nutrient utilization and strengthen the digestive tract, and thus optimize laying performance or increase growth rates. 

Using fungal solid-state fermentation of fiber products can increase the content of extracellular polysaccharides and degrade hemicellulose and cellulose. It can also reduce the lignin content and improve the applicability of fiber as animal feed.

Feeding broiler with fungal fiber can improve immunity. The body weight increase and FCR improvement will follow by health. Chicken farmers can reduce the expenditure caused by health risks and farm profitability will increase due to healthy chickens.

PureCare also designs and develops product specifically for solving the problem of chicken coccidiosis. The product contains natural occurring chitosan, which can effectively block the life cycle of coccidia in the intestine of chicken. The product is in liquid form, so that it can easily be applied to the chicken farm and be consumed by chickens. The liquid from can quickly achieve the anti-coccidia effect.

Specific design products for broiler and layer