It is important to both consider animal health and protect resources in dairy farming and at the same time remaining efficient and focused on performance. Individual solution is provided for different challenges in different stages of cattle such as rearing calves and dairy cows. 

Fungi can decompose lignin and produce cellulose and hemicellulose that can be further degraded by other microorganisms, which is very important for Ruminants. Rumen microorganisms can obtain more cellulose as a food source and reduce the methane produced by rumen fermentation. After the fungal-fermented fiber is prepared into silage, it can be a good-quality silage and solve the storage limitation due to excessive moisture.

The products developed need to be based on scientific experiments to further meet the various needs of ruminant feeding, and provide feed solutions tailored for ruminants at different growth stages.

In order to build customer-specific solutions, we are able to combine many different approaches, from effective rumen management to optimization of silage quality, and adapt the solutions individually to your farm. Our overall solution aims to sustainably optimize the nutrient and feed conversion rate, while increasing animal health and profitability for the farmer.

Specific design products for ruminant