We care about animal health and provide solutions

The global pioneer innovative Purecare Mycogenic Feed Additives and Functional Fibers are suitable for modern animal husbandry and companion animals. Our products offer targeted solutions for dysentery and bacteriogenic diarrhea in swine; watery stool and diarrhea in poultry; avian coccidiosis and leucocytozoonosis; constipation and spits hairballs in companion animals.

Our science-based methods were used to enhance the health and performance of animals. Our innovative feed additive materials and advanced know-how are providing a natural and sustainable way for optimizing animal health, nutrient and feed utilization. The most important of all is to lower the cost of feed and increase profitability for individual farmers and animal husbandry industries.

Our persistence

At Purecare, we use natural materials to improve animal's intestinal function and bring healthy and better life to animals.