Nutrition Facts

Item PleuroCell
moisture content (%) 11.5
ash (%) 12
fat (%) 0.5
protein (%) 9.1
crude fiber(%) 29.1
dietary fiber(g/100g) 63.4

Certifying authority:SGS, National Animal Industry Foundation

The next generation of fiber is no longer just fiber, it is PleuroCell®

PleuroCell® is a feed additive made by solid-state fermentation of fiber by fungus. Fungal fibers are mostly soluble fibers with biological activity, which are completely different from plant fibers.

Unlike plant fibers which are mostly insoluble and only function in stimulating bowel movements, fungal fibers can balance the immune system and improve the gut flora.

Fungal fiber is the most economical way to replace part of the wood chip fiber and the dietary fiber content is more than that of fruits and vegetables.

Dietary fiber(g/100g dw)(soluble-fiber)
PleuroCell 63.4
Cabbage 15.87
Apple 11.9
Woody plant Very low

PleuroCell® is the next generation fiber product developed by Purecare and co-innovation with academic institutions. The product has the characteristics of high water absorption capacity, biological activity, simplified manufacturing process, low price and better effect. It is a rising star that can replace traditional fiber products in the future.

Viable bacteria test

10g sample + 100ml, water at 37°C

SEM and confocal images of PleuroCell®.

The fungal hyphae penetrated plant cell and created a lots of nanopores.